Residential Water Service

Natural spring water delivered right to your door.

Over the years, more and more moms are choosing to have home-delivered Berkshire Spring water with a dispenser.  We believe this is the best way for you to take good care of your family.


  • Save time.  No lugging heavy cases or bottles home from the grocery
  • Just leave your empties out and we replace them at your door on a scheduled delivery.  You don’t even have to be home.
  • Your children can get their own drink from the cooler without going through the fridge searching for cans.
  • The water is  immediately cold—no ice cubes needed!
  • The water is immediately hot—for coffee, soups, tea…
  • And it makes tea and coffee taste their best—save time trying to find other bottles of water to heat to make your cup!


  • A great way to get your children to drink natural spring water—
  • No chlorine chemical in this water!
  • This is the water they tell you to drink when cities have “boil water” alerts..
 …and it just tastes good and feels good.

Good Value

  • Don’t spend money to ship water from Fiji, France, or even Maine when you can get the best spring water right here from the Berkshires… right in your own backyard!
  • Don’t waste thousands of small PET water bottles when you can recycle our 5-gallon bottle and fill up your own re-usable water bottles.
  • The cost per ounce, delivered to your door, is still about the lowest of any beverage you can buy.

We offer convenient delivery service for all of our products right to your home on a regular delivery schedule.

When you dial Berkshire Springs at (413) 229-6660 your call will be answered by a customer service representative who is knowledgeable about all of our products.

Berkshire Springs provides prompt, reliable and personal service. We become familiar with all of our customers’ accounts, so when you start service with us you will be assigned a Route Service Representative as your main contact.

Berkshire Springs is a local company, not part of a national or international conglomerate. When you talk with us, you are talking with neighbors. We are the local water pros! …And that includes providing local, personal service.

Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t believe that you should be required to sign a long-term contract in order to enjoy our service. We feel that the quality of our water and service will keep you coming back. month after month.


Water Dispensers

To maximize the enjoyment of our Spring water, it is best to own or rent a dispenser—ideally one with both hot and cold spigots. If you rent from us, we replace your cooler anytime you have any repair issues. Learn More

Water coolers are a great appliance for any home– providing hot, cold, or room temperature spring water, available at a touch. Our coolers all have child-proof hot water spigots, feature a removable drip tray for convenient cleaning, and have a “no-spill” system that punctures the cap when placing it on the cooler. Learn More

Other Products

We deliver cases of half liter small bottles of Berkshire Springs, distilled water in 1 gallon bottles (6 per case), and cooler-cleaning kits so you can be assured your appliance is always working safely and properly.

We also provide a Home Coffee Service Program, which discounts our regular k-cup prices for coffee, tea, and chocolate when you take our full spring water and cooler service. Learn More


Or call one of our customer service representatives at (413) 229-6660.