Water Coolers

Water Coolers

For homes or workplace, dispensers add convenience, style, and sanitation.


  • Piping hot or ice cold water with the push of a button
  • Easy load—put the bottle on with the cap in place—no spilling
  • No need to search in the refrigerator!


  • Black, white, or stainless steel to meet your existing décor
  • An appliance that fits the kitchen, bedroom, workplace


  • No one touches the water from its underground aquifer  to your cup or glass
  • The pushbutton to dispense water- very easy to wipe clean compared to faucets, coffee-makers, and refrigerator doors.

Here’s what to do:

A. If you want Berkshire Springs Water Service and you do not have a dispenser, you should rent or purchase a dispenser from us.  See your options and prices below:

Black or White Hot ‘n Cold Top Loading cooler

Lease to own:
$50/for 5 mos.

Stainless steel Hot ‘n Cold Top Loading cooler

Lease to own:
$56/for 5 mos.

Bottom loading Hot ‘n Cold Cooler

Lease to own:
$56/for 5 mos.

Keurig coffee making Hot & old cooler

Lease to own:
$100/for 5 mos.

Ceramic crock dispenser & wooden stand

Lease to own:
$20/for 5 mos.

B. Select the size of spring water bottles you prefer:






Or contact one of our customer service representatives at (413) 229-6660.